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Marksmanship and Accuracy Skills
Barrel time, lock time, trajectory, and practical accuracy . zeroed sight trajectories taken from the ballistic charts in the Hornady Reloading Manuals: . you can see now that neither the 6.5BRM nor the .308 Win. shoot flat enough to hunt with .

Ballistic Plex™ Reticle - Burris Sports Optics
couple of trajectory compensating scope reticles to aid hunters in . closely your 400 or 500 yard trajectory table matches the . .308Win at 100 yard zero. 150gr .

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Rifles / Ammunition / Ballistics / 300 Winchester Short Magnum:
This is a ballistics chart for the 300 WSM: (Rifle Zero 225 Yds.) Bullet diameter: . 308 inch. Bullet weight: 150 grains. Bullet ballistic coeffecient: .418.

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Rifles / Ammunition / Ballistics / 308 Winchester:
308 Winchester, Rifles, Ammunition and Ballistics Information.

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Rifle Trajectory Chart
Rifle Trajectory Charts and Ammunition Review, plus reload recommendations. . All of my .308 rifles shoot their best groups with this bullet at 2650 fps. For deer .

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Myth Busting Big Game Calibers
Greg R. Haskins writes a detailed essay, illustrated with seven charts, . this table , the 7mm Rem Mag is renowned for its flat trajectory, while the 308 Win is not.

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Ballistics Calculator | Bison Ballistics
A ballistics calculator using G7 ballistics coefficients for long rang shooting. . The range interval at which the results are printed in the trajectory table (yards).

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Long Magnum Cartridges
Maximum velocity, accuracy and quality control... the ballistics table below will give . (.308) WARBIRD®, 150* LZH 168* VLD 180* SAF 190 VLD, 3775 3575 .

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3.1 Effects of Altitude and Atmospheric Conditions - exterior ballistics
Table 3.1-1 shows the Standard Metro atmospheric conditions versus . the drop at 1000 yards for Sierra's .308” diameter 168 grain MatchKing bullet fired at .

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exterior ballistics
4th Edition Exterior Ballistics Tables - Rifle To view a table simply click on it, and an adobe acrobat pdf will open in a new window. . .308 Diameter Bullets .

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Zeroing The Steyr Scout
The table below shows the differences in trajectory between three different bullet weights in typical .308 Winchester loadings. The muzzle velocities are based .