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New Shake and Bake Meth Method Explodes
A new method of manufacturing methamphetamine designed to get around laws . A few cold pills are mixed with common, but noxious, household chemicals and . The cooking process created foul odors making the labs difficult to conceal.

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    Methamphetamine Trends
    A Methamphetamine lab was located in Spring Glenn, Utah, and during the processing of . The first matchbook (cold cook method) is seized in Salt Lake City.

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    HowStuffWorks "How to Make Meth"
    Jan 14, 2009 . Find out how to make meth and why it is that meth labs seem to blow up all the time. . of toxic material is produced for each pound of meth cooked [source: Snell]. . methamphetamine be produced by a number of different methods. . To do this, the cold medicine tablets are mixed with a solvent and the .

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One-Pot (Shake & Bake) Methamphetamine Labs -
Feb 23, 2012 . Dwain Worley - One Pot Method. 1. One-Pot . Brief overview of one-pot methamphetamine labs . cold packs sort of work – but not very well. . Four (4) cooks failed due to the reaction of lithium and water happening too .

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Methamphetamine Abuse | Get help With Meth Addiction
In fact, one of the primary methods of cooking meth is called the "Nazi . Household and Farm Chemicals Plus Cold Medication are All that's Needed for a Batch .

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DEA also reported seizure of 418 meth labs (DEA, state, local). At The Meth Lab. Methamphetamine Synthesis. The Anhydrous Method. “Birch Reduction” “Cold” .

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The Safety Guys: What's Cooking? - DHHR
method used, but given this fact we will focus on methamphetamine production methods. The “recipes” for “cooking” methamphetamine are relatively simple and .

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Anti-meth decongestant ingredient gaining notice, nearing market ...
Mar 29, 2012 . Some of the best known cold medicines contain pseudoephedrine. . that results of it preliminary testing, using standard meth cook methods, .


Rolling meth lab - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A further complication is that the "cooking" methods for meth frequently change, so the proper remediation for a given lab site cannot be assumed from previous .

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Voluntary Guidelines for Methamphetamine Laboratory Cleanup (PDF)
U.S. EPA Voluntary Guidelines for Methamphetamine Laboratory Cleanup. 1. Table of Contents . 1) Establish the cooking method(s) employed during the manufacturing process. . If contamination is suspected, sample the cold air return. 5.

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Meth Labs -
In this process, over-the-counter cold and allergy tablets containing . The chemical vapors produced during cooking permeate the walls and carpets of . See how meth is made using the new "one pot" method in the One Pot Meth Labs .

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Features Meth Labs: The Gases Can Kill You - Industrial Scientific
night, and there is a small dump containing cold medicine bot- . There are two main ways of cooking meth. The first . The second method for cooking meth is .

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New Shake and Bake Methamphetamine Process Keeps This ...
With the new shake and bake meth process the use of meth has been more and . meth cooks could not get their hands on the cold pills and the labs began to . came up with the “Shake and Bake” method of methamphetamine production.